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Ron and Debra Fink

Legacy Members since 2011
Debraís parents, Natalie and Jerry Miller moved here around 1990.  Ron said he would love to live at a place just like this someday. Who would have guessed that we would make the move from Albuquerque, New Mexico to become full-time residents just 21 years later? We canít describe how wonderful and enjoyable our life here has been.  Of course, it is the people who make it so.  Because any place you go, you can lead an active lifestyle to your liking, but without the right people, it wonít be fun.  Here, you can just be yourself and people accept you for who you are, not by any other measure.  That is a feeling of comfort that just canít compare to many other places.  The lifestyle is fun and easy, and we wouldnít have it any other way.


Allan and Sandi Lipitz

Members since 2004
After visiting friends who resided at Gleneagles through the years and seeing for myself all it had to offer, I felt it was the best value in South Florida. With two golf courses and a state-of-the-art fitness center, my wife and I looked forward to enjoying a wonderful sports and leisure lifestyle. Friendly members and staff, friendly golf games and a lively social calendar have certainly made the decision right for us.


Peter and Arleen Wallack

Members since 2010
We came to Gleneagles about five years ago when we stayed with two of our good friends from Connecticut while we were on our way to a timeshare in Ft. Lauderdale. We played golf and had great meals in the dining room. The service was so friendly, the atmosphere was so relaxed, the grounds were so beautiful and especially the people who we met were so down to earth, outgoing, and friendly. We visited for two years and then purchased a condo in 2010. We found and purchased a 2nd condo in Gleneagles in 2012, and we experienced a quick sale of our original condo in the same month. We play golf and tennis, and we love it here so much that we convinced many of our friends from up North to buy also. Once they came and saw the lifestyle, they were hooked! Now with our "new and old" friends, we feel we have a real family here, including the staff!

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